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Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering may be a new subject , its effect is being felt around the world. In recent years, it has contributed considerably to agricultural production around the world. The motive of is to bring along all the agricultural engineers, scientists, farmers under one platform.

1) Farmers belonging to a less developed country may be quickly be able to adopt new methods, techniques and machines.

2) Industries in developing countries can manufacture as good modern machines as those manufactured elsewhere.

About Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering comprises of four main branches

1) Farm Implements and Power.

2) Rural Structures

3) Soil conservation, drainage and irrigation

4) Rural Electricity

In fact, agricultural engineering is a very vast subject. And may be defined as the application of the knowledge, techniques and disciplines of various fields of engineering to the solution of problems arising in the fields of agriculture and rural living, with the object of reducing labor, improving agricultural productivity per worker, and raising the standard of living of the farmers and increasing the overall earnings per worker. contains introduction to various topics related to Agriculture Industry, Agricultural Industry Directory, Agriculture Jobs, information of Agriculture Universities and Colleges and Glossary of terms related to Agriculture Industry